Monday, November 07, 2016

Finally, full-body scanners at IGI given go-ahead

After years of deliberations, a full-body scanner will be made operational by this month-end at the IGI airport as part of enhanced security and counter-terror measures at the one of the most sensitive installations in the country.
The is for the first time such a scanner, till now opposed over privacy concerns, will be installed and made operational for a trial at any civil airport in the country, officials said.
The scanner, procured from a German firm, works on the millimetre wave technology which does not give out the exact body contours of a flier under inspection at the scanner but puts out a 'generic mannequin' figure depicting only mettalic and non-mettalic objects on an individual's body, they said.
The scanner, they said, works by way of "targeted search" and looks out for prohibited items that can be concealed in the body like liquid gels, plastic items, ceramics, cutters, recording devices and mettalic and nonmettalic items like knives and other weapons.
07/11/16 The Times Of India