Tuesday, November 08, 2016

In times of Indo-Pak tension, Jet Airways flight makes emergency landing at Karachi airport

At a time when the tension between India and Pakistan is at its peak, an emergency landing in Pakistan will the last thing on the mind of any pilot operating an Indian flight.
A Jet Airways flight today made an emergency landing in Pakistan after a passenger complained of a serious health problem.
The Jet Airways flight 9W 202 took off at 12.05 am. Soon after, a passenger complained of a serious health problem. The pilots had two choices: turn back and head towards the New Delhi airport or land at the nearest runway and save crucial time.
The standard operating procedure says that the pilot must land the aircraft at the nearest runway. In this case, it was Karachi, Pakistan.
The pilots decided to take the aircraft to Karachi airport. The aircraft touched down at the Karachi airport runway at 1.57 am. The Karachi Air Traffic Control (ATC) extended all possible help as per the international obligation and informed the Delhi ATC.
Despite the pilots trying their best, the passenger was declared dead at the hospital.
In the last few weeks, there has been no engagement with Pakistan on plying commercial flights to and from India. Recently, many Indian airlines voluntarily stopped flying over the Pakistani airspace while flying to the Gulf region.
08/11/16 Anindya Banerjee/India Today