Sunday, November 13, 2016

IndiGo flight aborts landing at city airport after stray dog spotted on runway

Chandigarh: An IndiGo flight that was about to touch down at Chandigarh International airport Saturday aborted its landing after a last-minute alert from Air Traffic Control (ATC) about a stray dog on the runway. ATC personnel instructed the pilots to abort landing and go-around.
In aviation terminology, go-around is when an aircraft is asked to gain altitude, take a round of the airport till the runway is clear for landing. IndiGo’s flight 6E3816 Delhi-Chandigarh was on its final approach towards the runway around 7.45 am when the aircraft was asked to abort the landing. As many as 99 passengers were on board.
The aircraft, sources said, was allowed to land only after the runway was cleared. “The pilot apologised for the inconvenience caused to the passengers. He announced that ATC had spotted a dog, following which the landing was aborted,” said a passenger.
A senior IndiGo official also confirmed to Chandigarh Newsline that the flight went on a go-around after an “obstacle” was spotted on the runway. “The aircraft landed in the second attempt safely,” he said.
13/11/16 Adil Akhzer/Indian Express