Monday, November 07, 2016

Maldives seeks flight privileges

New Delhi: The Maldives has asked India for "fifth freedom" rights so that a new Male-Delhi flight to be launched by private airline Mega Maldives from the middle of this month can be extended to Dhaka.
Fifth freedom rights allow an airline to carry passengers from its own country to a second country and from there to a third (and so on) as long as the flight originates or ends in the airline's home country.

"The Delhi-Dhaka route is highly underserved and we foresee a huge growth potential on this route," said George Weinmann, founder and chief executive officer of Mega Maldives Airline.

He said the airline was also in talks with a couple of domestic airlines for a codeshare agreement to provide a wider domestic connectivity to its passengers.

Mega Maldives, which is starting its thrice-a-week Male-Delhi flight on November 14, will also launch a Male-Mumbai flight within the next few weeks. "The Male-Mumbai would fly twice a week and we are also looking at flights from cities in southern India to Jeddah and Medina," Weinmann added.

Flights to Jeddah and Medina from India will cater primarily to Haj pilgrims.
06/11/16 Jayati Ghose/Telegraph