Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mysore’s little airport secretly regulated chartered flights to ferry all Rs 2000 notes from the mint

Mysore’s little airport often ignored by flying citizens of India has a major role to play in the demonetization move of the Narendra Modi government. A chartered plane stacked with new Rs 2000 notes has been ferried from the government press in Mysore to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) headquarters in Delhi.

Shrouded under extreme secrecy over the last six months, a private chartered flight quietly took off and landed at the airstrip at Mandakalli in a long series of flights. These flights were to several large cities - including Bengaluru - where the Reserve Bank of India branches are located.

The special missions were meant to carry stashes of crisp Rs 2,000 notes, printed at the currency note printing press in Mysuru, and deposit them at various RBI branches in other cities. That was in preparation to roll out the demonetisation scheme to catch black money hoarders off-guard.
The two-decade-old press - which is rated one of the best currency printing presses in the world -- had also handled the printing of the first Rs 1,000 notes. It has its own currency paper production unit in its premises where the special security currency paper is manufactured.
12/11/16 Business Insider