Thursday, November 10, 2016

Online petition opposes DGCA's proposed norms for pilots

An online petition opposing aviation regulator DGCA's proposed norms for pilots has been initiated, saying such "regressive" measures seem to have been conceived by "vested interests" and are a threat to flight safety.

"The threat of severe penal action, including a direct threat to our livelihoods for abiding with the law is nothing but illegal, ill conceived and a direct threat to flight safety," the petition initiated by an Air India pilot said.

According to the petition, the proposed norms if implemented, would force pilots to operate flights even when they are (genuinely) sick.

"The regulatory authority should understand that when a pilot reports 'sick', what in effect he conveys is that he is not in a position to exercise the privileges of his license.

It should not be misconstrued as anything else," the petition, which has already received over 450 votes in support, said.

Against the backdrop of instances where pilots did not adhere to their assigned flight duties, DGCA has proposed strict enforcement action against pilots coming late for duty as well as falsely reporting sick.
09/11/16 Press Trust Of India