Thursday, November 03, 2016

Over 30 Jet Airways flights cancelled, passengers suffer

Over 30 Jet Airways flights were cancelled on Wednesday, as the deadlock between the management and pilots continued till late evening. While the company spokesperson said that issues were sorted, normalcy was not visible at airports as passengers continued to suffer in absence of flight status information.

“There was no update on the website or the internet. When we searched for flight status online, the results showed our flight is on schedule. But when we reached the airport we were told that it has been cancelled,” a passenger flying to Bhopal from Delhi said. 10 flights from Delhi to various destinations were cancelled on Wednesday.

Until Tuesday, the company was updating the flight information online but it stopped on Wednesday, leaving passengers guessing and queuing up at the airports across India.

A pilot flying on international routes said that they were sticking to their duty schedule and not taking up extra assignments which the company was calling in at the last minute. “There is poor man-power planning. Flights have increased but there are not enough pilots. While they cannot make us fly beyond the stipulated hours, they are stretching it and making us flying to optimize their costs. This wasn’t the case earlier,” he said.
03/11/16 Mamta Todi/The Free Press Journal