Monday, November 07, 2016

Shiv Sena MP flays concept of two runways

Senior Shiv Sena leader and Shirur MP Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil on Friday slammed the state government's decision to set up a two-runway airport at Purandar, barely a week after he displayed the Airports Authority of India's documents rejecting the Khed site -unfit for parallel airfields.
"There is no point having a two-runway airport in Pune. If one looks at most of the successful airports in the country , most of them have single runway . Only the big airports in Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad have more than one runway . Every airport, including the existing facility in Pune, sees an average increase of 10% in passenger traffic each year. If the new airport is built in Purandar, the passenger traffic will slide because of transportation issues," Patil told TOI.
07/11/16 Joy Sengupta/The Times Of India