Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tiger poop to trap jackals stalking Lucknow airport

Catching jackals at the Lucknow airport is proving to be tougher than the forest department would have thought. And desperate times call for desperate measures. The forest department has now hit upon a unique way to scare the animals away; by scattering tiger and leopard faeces, the scent of which is expected to scare the jackals away. "It might give jackals the idea that big cats are around as the scent would turn them away," said range officer, Sarojininagar, MP Gautam.
The tiger and leopard stool is collected from the zoo and strewn within the boundary of the airport. For the last several months, ten cages and ten sensor-enabled camera-traps have been installed within 400 hectare area of the airport compound to trap a three-jackal pack. But the efforts has been in vain.
Meat put inside the cage is also littered outside to lure the animals, but jackals have not once walked into the trap. Cameras too have clicked the animals only once, on September 19. Officers are hopeful that the 'stool-technique' will work, when all else has failed.
Since the airport is a VIP premises, cages and cameras will continue to remain in place for the time being.
24/11/16 Neha Shukla/The Times Of India