Thursday, December 01, 2016

When animals take the upper hand

A group of simians once loitered on the Chennai airport runway. The alert air traffic controller informed the pilot who was cleared for take-off and saved the situation. Man may think he has tamed animals. But beasts are known to transgress into human habitats and even take the upper hand occasionally.

Stray dogs sometimes slip in through open gates of airports and enter the operational areas causing an headache to airport officials. At the Chennai airport, pigeons once took refuge on the roof of the passenger lounge. The birds, which had entered through the open doors, refused to vacate their abodes. Immaculately dressed passengers found their dresses soiled by droppings from the roof.

Birds also frequent airfields to catch worms and flies found on vegetation near the runways. Airport officials set off firecrackers near the runways to scare away the birds which compete with planes for airspace. Stray dogs have killed people in Kerala. Even gold medals have been offered for culling stray dogs. Unfortunately, people feed them. When they proliferate and threaten human beings, people want to exterminate them. People owning dogs as pets take them out for walks, which use the roads as comfort rooms. Often dogs dictate terms to their owners.
01/12/16 P Subramanian/The New Indian Express