Thursday, February 09, 2017

GoAir plane flying over Najafgarh caught fire, forced to make emergency landing

A GoAir plane flying over Delhi’s Najafgarh area had reportedly caught fire on Wednesday after which it was forced to make an emergency landing. The information was passed on to PCR through a call after which it was confirmed that the engine of the plane had caught the fire and the emergency landing was made.
In 2015, a GoAir flight, G8-305 carrying 168 passengers from Mumbai was hit by an aerobridge after landing at the Chennai airport. This incident took place at 6:35 am in the morning as the AAI operator was unable to safely align the aerobridge to the aircraft. According to the, the mistake happened because the operator was too fast and was unable to control he movement of aerobridge.
09/02/17 The Financial Express