Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jet Airways takes off to a value sky

Bengaluru: India’s largest private full-service airline Jet Airways has expressed that it wishes to offer a lot beyond its frequent flier programme and introduce an array of value-added initiatives.

Talking to DH, Jet Airways Vice President (Commercial — India Sales) Praveen Iyer said, “While we already have a frequent flier programme, the idea is to provide better offerings to our guests, which will give them greater value for money, for which, we are constantly evolving new initiatives.”

Accordingly, the carrier’s new pre-paid ‘Jet Global Pass’ will allow guests to travel on its entire network of 66 domestic and international destinations seamlessly. Available as booklets with sets of four prepaid coupons each, the pass has been designed for both Economy and Premiere travel at price points of Rs 52,673 and Rs 119,312 (excluding taxes), respectively.

“The one-fare global pass will be specially advantageous for guests who maintain flexible travel itineraries, and for those whose journeys are firmed up at the last minute, as it will insulate them against higher available bucket fares or peak fares which generally prevail closer to the date of travel. The pass will even aid frequent travellers beat seasonality, since the pass offers tickets in fare classes that hold significant inventory and are therefore mostly available,” Iyer said.
26/02/17 Hrithik Kiran Bagade/Deccan Herald