Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spicejet crack puts travellers in a tizzy

A cracked windshield delayed a Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight from Pune by more than eight hours on Wednesday, with passengers being made to wait it out at the airport itself.

“The passengers were asked to board the plane despite the cracked windshield. The authorities should have known about the problem earlier. It is like playing with the lives of 189 passengers,” rued Satish Banwat, one of the travellers who was part of a 35- member team from the Pune Metal Finishers’ Association (PMFA), which was going to Delhi to attend a national- level Indian Surface Finishing (ISF-2017) conference and exhibition, scheduled to be held at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan from Wednesday till Friday.

As many as 42 passengers had to cancel their tickets and were refunded by Spice Jet. The SpiceJet flight SG 184 arrived in Pune from Kochi and was converted into SG 999. Seventy five passengers, who were in hurry to reach Delhi, were asked to board the flight which left for Delhi at 4 pm. The morning flight, which had developed the problem, was finally sent to Delhi at 5 pm, with rest 72 of the passengers.

Naturally, everybody was livid by the constant rescheduling. PMFA member Nitin Kapre told Pune Mirror, “The original flight timing was 7.20 am, for which boarding was begun at 8 am. After 20 minutes, we were asked to deplane. We were informed that the flight will depart at 10.30 am. Later, after we asked the authorities, they said it has been rescheduled to 12.30 pm. Finally, SpiceJet said in a statement that the flight will depart at 4 pm.”
23/02/17 Pune Mirror