Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Airlines to have surprise quiz to find out if passengers were listening to safety instructions demonstrated by cabin crew

Concerned with reports that most passengers ignore safety instructions demonstrated on flight, DGCA has decided to step in and asked all airlines to conduct surprise quiz before take off to check passenger preparedness.
All major airlines have been asked to comply with this directive and DGCA has asked for a report to be submitted every week for analysis.

Speaking to Faking News a senior official said, “Demonstrating safety instruction is an essential part of flight travel. But we have information that most passengers ignore these instructions while choosing to stare into their smartphones instead. So we have decided to have a surprise quiz of 25 marks. The quiz will consist of questions based on safety instructions by crew. The test will have to be completed in 5 mins and there are negative marking too. The cut-off for test is 10 mks.”

When questioned as to what will happen to those who flunk the test, he replied, “They will be thrown off the flight. If the flight has already taken off, they will thrown out with a parachute.”
28/03/17 Faking News