Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Andhra Pradesh, India considers launching own airline

The state of Andhra Pradesh in India's southeast has signalled its intention to develop an international airline for its new capital city Amaravati, which is currently under construction. PTI news reports that the new airline is likely to be named after the city - Amaravathi Airlines.

An act of the Indian Parliament bifurcated the state in 2014 to create two separate states: Telangana in the northwest, and the residuary Andhra Pradesh in the southeast. Hyderabad remains the capital of both states until Andhra Pradesh completes the construction of its own capital. The majority of the state government has moved its facilities to the new city, and the legislature commenced sessions just this week.

"When Amaravati is developed, the government may like to have its own international airport and airline depending upon the requirement at that particular time," a government official told PTI.
08/03/17 ch-aviation