Saturday, March 25, 2017

At airport, giving them wings to fly

A bunch of overqualified airport workers with basic jobs have been assigned functions they are ideally suited for, thanks to a fantastic initiative.
A master's in zoology, Suman Paul used to sweep floors at the airport. A polytechnic engineer, Subha Sannyashi's job was to mow grass off the runway. An MBA in human resources, Nita Das Kundu used to spend her day passing on telephone calls to one extension to the other.
Now, all three — and at least five others like them — handle the Airport Operation Control Centre (AOCC), one of the most prestigious and responsible wings at the Kolkata airport, maintaining direct liaison with pilots, air traffic control, airlines and the airport.
"We identified that some of the men who were working as Group D staff and other tasks that required lower intellect were actually far more qualified to handle better responsibilities. We identified some of the talents over a period of time and have inducted them in the AOCC department," said Atul Dikshit, the Kolkata airport director.
The recipients of the new jobs are even happier that although they were once forced to take up jobs that required much less qualifications, they can now hold their heads high.
25/03/17 Tamaghna Banerjee/Times of India