Thursday, March 09, 2017

Chennai airport to become more passenger-friendly under DISHA

Chennai: Chennai Airport is to introduce a series of measures to ensure that passengers have a pleasant time while flying in and out of the city, according to its Director G Chandramouli.
Under the Airports Authority of India’s Project DISHA (Driving Improvement in Service and Hospitality at Airports), Chennai Airport has tried to cut down on check-in time, which is usually 25 minutes, to 15 minutes.
It is learnt that Chennai airport has created self check-in counters as well as installed additional X-Ray scanner.
An airport spokesman said a new optimised security check layout (with upgraded frisking booths, tables and rollers) is also being implemented.
He said that Chennai airport commissioned four new frisking booths for women on Wednesday. It is also planning a new immigration counter layout, which will be implemented once the Bureau of Immigration augments its manpower.
09/03/17 New Indian Express