Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fake ticket to see off your girlfriend at the airport? Too much chivalry, say cops

To spend those few extra minutes while seeing off their partners before they board a plane, many Delhi couples resort to unfair means to enter the IGI Airport. Some enter on a canceled ticket, others change the date on an old ticket, and it is mostly men who come to drop their girlfriends, mothers or daughters who try to enter illegally. These elongated goodbyes and acts of chivalry have become quite the irritant for the CISF and the Delhi police at the airport, who are tired of registering cases against those who breach security for emotional purposes. The CISF officials say that recently, cases of passengers using fake tickets to enter the airport premises to drop their relatives or friends have increased.
The Airport police arrested two passengers at the IGI airport last month for carrying a fake ticket. In one case, the accused told the police that he had come to drop his friend and had used a fake ticket to enter the premises. In the other case, while checking tickets, CISF officials found that the man had a fake ticket while his girlfriend had a valid one.
Sanjay Bhatia, DCP Airport, says, "Anyone can enter the airport premises by showing a ID card and ticket. The CISF officials find out only at the departure gate and the police is informed if the ticket is not valid."
In a recent incident, a 26-year-old Pune resident, identified as Ammar Mohsin Boxwala, presented a year-old ticket to fool the CISF personnel, and entered the departure lounge to see off his girlfriend. According to reports, his girlfriend had a ticket of SpiceJet to travel from Pune to Goa and he made a fake ticket of a Chennai-bound IndiGo flight. After his girlfriend made it through the security check, he moved to the departure lounge and requested the CISF personnel that he no longer wanted to fly to Chennai and wished to leave. This raised suspicion in the minds of the personnel, who later found out that the customer ID printed on his ticket was false. During interrogation, Boxwala admitted that he had manipulated an year-old ticket to see off his girlfriend.
22/03/17 Niharika Lal/Times of India