Sunday, March 12, 2017

Family of plane crash victim head to Australia

The parents of a man killed in a light plane crash in Sydney's south west are on their way to Australia to collect Amarinder Singh’s body.

The Indian resident died when his Drifter ultralight aircraft ploughed into an airfield in Oakdale shortly after take-off on Friday.

Investigators have been back to the crash scene on Saturday, trying to piece together what caused the plane to crash in Sydney’s outskirts.

“We need to try to piece together those final moments, learn a little more about exactly what happened,” Recreational Aviation Australia spokesperson Michael Linke said.

“(The aircraft) is one of the hundreds and hundreds on our register, one of the really I suppose foundation aircraft of recreational aviation in Australia.”
Witnesses described Mr Singh’s take off as smooth and said the flying conditions were near-perfect.

“We look at the environmental factors at play, the weather and all those type of factors, the wind, the sun, the temperature,” Mr Linke said.
“We then look at the mechanical aspects of the aircraft, the mechanical history of the aircraft, the log books, the operation.”
Police are also assisting the investigation while a report is being prepared for the coroner.

Mr Singh’s family are due to arrive from India shortly.
11/03/17 Yahoo 7 News