Sunday, March 05, 2017

IGI can’t use 12-bore guns to scare birds

New Delhi: In a bid to deal with bird hit menace, the Delhi airport operators have been asked to explore other options as the concerned agencies have refused permission for the use of 12-bore guns in the airport premises. Meanwhile, the Delhi airport operator is using a variety of methods to curb cases of bird hits, like a dedicated team of Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard inspectors, or Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Management (BASHM) that guards the three operational runways of the Delhi Airport.

As per BCAS directions issued in 2010, use of 12-bore guns has been fully withdrawn at all Indian airports, including at the IGI Airport.

On the feasibility of using bird-detection radars, Delhi airport operator DIAL said it took expert opinion on the issue and are committed to counter the menace through deployment of best technological solution. However, during demonstration of the bird detection radar, it was observed that the technology is not effective to scare birds or mitigate the risk of bird strike.

“We are following the best practices available to deal with the problem. Together with the wildlife control department, we have taken various measure to control bird hits at IGI Airport,” said DIAL spokesperson.
05/03/17 Sunil Thapliyal/Asian Age