Thursday, March 16, 2017

Indian passengers least tolerant to misbehaviour on board: Expedia survey

New Delhi: Indian travelers do not take misbehaviour by co-passengers on flights and would complain or confront with the passenger, shows an Flight Etiquette Survey 2017 by Expedia, an online travel solutions provider.

“Expedia data shows that 69% said they would alert the flight attendant and ask them to handle an unruly passenger, while 30% said they would confront a misbehaving passenger directly. Overall 24% said they would resort to social shaming of the passenger or tweet about it,” says the data.

The survey also highlights that Indians find rear-seat kickers (52%), boozers (50%) and loud passengers (49%) most annoying in a flight, while they are most tolerant to flirting singles (33%) and amorous couples (30%).
“A majority (65%) would pay extra to be seated in a ‘quiet section’ if the airline offered one. Dreading sitting next to someone who talks too much on a flight is a justified fear, as many will engage in conversation,” says the survey.
16/03/17 Mihir Mishra/Economic Times