Friday, March 03, 2017

India's no-fly list: Soon furnish PAN, Aadhaar to book domestic air tickets

New Delhi: Soon you will have to provide some proof of your identity, through your Aadhaar number, PAN card, passport or driving license number, at the time of booking an airline ticket itself for domestic routes, reported The Times of India on Friday.

"We will make providing some government I-card at (the time of) booking or linking a PNR to an identity proof mandatory and this will enable us to track travellers...," the national daily quoted a source as saying. According to the source, such a system would lead to an Indian version of a "no-fly list".

So, what's the big idea behind all of this? Next time you take a flight, and if you happen to misbehave or act in a manner which endangers the flight and its passengers, your name will get added to the no-fly list. Subsequently, if you book an airline ticket, the authorities will be alerted and will prevent you from taking the flight in question.

According to the national daily, Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha has said that India is finalising its no-fly list. According to the minister, the list will grade any objectionable behaviour committed by passengers and, accordingly, bar them from flying for a period ranging from a few months to even a few years.
03/03/17 Business Standard