Wednesday, March 08, 2017

IndiGo pilot falsely blames ATC for delay, gets caught

The next time you are waiting for your plane to start taxiing for departure and the pilot says air traffic control (ATC) is causing the delay, he or she may well be trying to just deflect the blame from the airline's unpreparedness to get airborne in time. For all you now, the crew required to operate the flight may not be available!
An ATC official (ATCO) stumbled on this practice inside an IndiGo aircraft at Chennai airport last Friday (March 3) while waiting to take off to Madurai. The flight, 6E 859, was supposed to depart at 11.45 am but was first delayed to 12.25 pm, he said in a social media post.
"When I was on board, the pilot-in-command (PIC) made a cool (sic) announcement that the flight is further delayed (for 20 more minutes) because ATC is not clearing the flight. I rang up my friends in the (ATC) tower and came to know that the pilot didn't even ask for push back (permission for the plane to be towed back so that it can then taxi out on its own power)," the ATCO says.
He then called the flight attendant and met the pilot in the cockpit where he reportedly found that the co-pilot was not in his seat. "I slammed him (PIC) left and right (for) announcing false information; blaming the ATC and spoiling the reputation of ATC fraternity in front of the general public for their inability to maintain schedule," the ATCO's social media post says.
"Unable to defend himself, he (PIC) apologised unconditionally and made re-announcement in the cabin that delay was due to co-pilot's health problems. Finally the flight departed only at 1.30 pm," it adds.
07/03/17 Saurabh Sinha/The Times Of India