Friday, March 17, 2017

Megawide, partner ready to bid for more infrastructure projects

Megawide Construction Corp. and its partner GMR Infrastructures Ltd. are open to participate in an “honest and healthy competition” in the aviation-infrastructure development sector, even after figuring in a controversial fight for the right to develop the Clark International Airport.

Louie B. Ferrer, the president of GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corp., described today’s investing atmosphere as “very exciting times” given the level of concentration for infrastructure projects and the level of participation from the private sector.

“It’s a sign our economy is growing and we are keeping up,” he said. “It is a good climate for development because we are open to honest and healthy competition. That drives up the quality of the proposals because we want to offer only the best services.”

Ferrer reminded the government of its mandate to be transparent and fair in its dealings with proponents of infrastructure deals. This is especially true for contracts under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Program.
16/03/17 Lorenz S. Marasigan/Business Mirror