Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Private airport at Aranmula isn’t feasible, Kerala govt tells HC

Kochi: State government has informed the Kerala High Court that the proposal for building a private airport at Aranmula isn't feasible. The submission by Industries department was in the form of a statement filed in response to a petition filed by KGS Aranmula International Airport Ltd challenging state government's decision to cancel the approvals granted by it. In November last year, the government had withdrawn the in-principle sanction, a notification declaring the proposed site as an industrial area, and the decision to acquire 10 per cent equity stake in the company.
Through the statement, the government said, "It is submitted that the project proposed by the petitioner company cannot be implemented at Aranmula. The project requires minimum 500 acres of dry land for the purpose. The major portion of the land proposed by the petitioner company is paddy land and wet land. It includes Government properties as well. The Government has not granted any permission under the Paddy Land Act and Wet Land Act 2008 for conversion of paddy land. There is a total prohibition against the conversion and reclamation of wet land. Therefore, no wet land can be reclaimed or converted for the aforesaid project."
Government also alleged that KGS Group misled it into believing that it had purchased 350 acres. It had only purchased 309 acres, out of which 200 acres were paddy land and wetlands.
14/03/17 Mahir Haneef/Times of India