Friday, March 03, 2017

Thirty Indian Mi-17-1B Helicopters To Be Repaired In Russia

Russian Helicopters will repair 30 Indian Mi-17-1B multi-role helicopters in Novosibirsk aircraft repair plant in the next three years.
"30 India’s Mi-17-1B helicopters will be repaired at facilities of Novosibirsk aircraft repair plant by mid-2018," the company’s press service said citing Deputy Chief Executive Officer Igor Chechikov Thursday.
A delegation of Indian aviation experts are on a visit to Novosibirsk to monitor the work carried out on the helicopters.
The first lot of five Mi-17-1B aircraft already undergoes overhaul at the plant. It is scheduled for completion in June-July 2017 and helicopters will be turned over to India after that. Six lots of helicopters will be dispatched for repair in total, with five helicopters in each lot.
03/03/17 Defense