Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Travelator at airport by year-end

Chennai: A travelator, connecting the domestic and international terminals right at the entrance, will most likely be ready for use by the end of the year.

Airport officials said they planned to award the tender for this facility by the end of the month and it is likely to be completed by the year-end.

“This facility is estimated to cost ₹40 crore; of that ₹25 crore will be spent towards civil work and the remaining ₹15 crore for other installation related works. We have started work to award the contract and the contractor will be given nine months to complete the work,” an official said.

The travelator was originally a part of phase I modernisation of Chennai airport that was taken up few years ago; but it was later dropped from the project for various reasons.

Recently, when the phase II of the project was announced, officials said travelator work will be taken up. Though the phase II itself is yet to begin, the work on installation of the travelator alone will be carried out at first since the facility has already been delayed for years now, sources said.
15/03/17 Sunitha Sekar/The Hindu