Friday, March 31, 2017

Turbulent times: it’s awkward to be Gaikwad

Being a Gaikwad has recently become a problem for BJP’s Latur MP Sunil Gaikwad. After his fellow Parliamentarian Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad’s unruly behaviour onboard an Air India flight, Sunil too has come under intense scrutiny at the airport.
“At every check point, the airport security demanded multiple ID cards, and also questioned me at length,” Gaikwad said. It first happened on his trip from Delhi to Pune last Friday, a day after Ravindra Gaikwad allegedly thrashed an Air India official at the Delhi airport.

The same treatment was meted out on his way back to Delhi on Monday. He is the only other Gaikwad in Lok Sabha.

“Is having Gaikwad for a surname a crime now,” the MP questioned. He also complained that before the incident, he used to get front row seats in business class. Now he gets the back rows.

The MP also appeared sympathetic towards the Shiv Sena politician. “Airlines should also behave properly with their customers. In fact, if you were to see the video footage of the incident, it is clear that it is the MP who is getting shoved and abused. Shiv Sena MPs have a tendency to boast, which is why he claimed to have beaten the airline staff 25 times with his chappals,” Sunil Gaikwad told Mirror.

Other than the surname, both the MPs also share the boundary of their constituency. While Sunil represents Latur, Ravindra is from Osmanabad. In fact, 100 villages of Latur district fall under Osmanabad constituency.
30/03/17 Sobhana K Nair/Bangalore Mirror