Thursday, March 09, 2017

Vistara offer: Premium airline slashes ticket prices to Rs 999

New Delhi: Vistara has reduced the prices of fares, with its aim to to attract more air passengers during the Holi season. The festival of colours is on Monday. The airline is eyeing to attract more passengers planning to go to their destinations from March 30-October 1. Pasengers who will be travelling between this period can book their tickets between March 10-15.

The minimum price will start from Rs 999 onwards from Guwahati to Baghdogra,, while from Jammu to Srinagar and Delhi to Amritsar, the prices will begin from Rs 1,199 onwards. Fares from Delhi to Kochi will be from Rs 3,799 onwards, while from Delhi to Port Blair. Like these fares has been deducted for 19 destinations, including its new places in Amritsar, Port Blair, and Leh.
Vistara Airlines has started an all woman crew flight and the company has also launched a truck-load of new features. For starters, the airline provides women with luggage and taxi assistance and for appetisers, the airline provides women with what they need the most and that’s a choice, even if it is as small as where they would be sitting on the flight.
09/03/17 Financial Express