Saturday, April 22, 2017

Airfare Alerts: How To Know When Flight Prices Drop

Travel search marketplace Ixigo has introduced a flight booking feature, called "fare intelligence", which enables its users to find the best possible prices. Ixigo monitors price drops and past trends to notify users whether to book a flight or wait, the portal said in a press release on Thursday. "Now know when to book a flight at the cheapest price with fare prediction & alerts," said Ixigo. The new feature is available on Ixigo's website and app, it noted.

Citing a study, Ixigo noted that the chances of the current flight fare being the best on first search are generally about one-third. In the other two-third cases, users would have benefited by waiting to book, it added.

The company has come up with the fare prediction feature which derives the best future date for one to book their flight. "For instance, if there are chances for a flight's fare to go down by say Rs. 950 over the next 3 days, Ixigo will prompt the user to wait," the travel search marketplace further said in its statement.

A double-digit growth seen in air passenger traffic over the past few months has led to increased competition among airlines.
21/04/17 Sandeep Singh/NDTV