Monday, April 17, 2017

Chaos at airport: Passengers suffer VVIP rush

The crowd had began to swell as the hours dragged on. Curious onlookers joined the list of those who had already come to receive the BJP leaders as they trooped in one by one, flying in from different parts of the country. By noon, the area outside the Biju Patnaik International Airport was one mass of people - heaving, swaying, waiting to catch a glimpse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
But all that the crowd managed was to leave those passengers flying out of Bhubaneswar or trying to get into a waiting cab outside, scratch their heads and wonder why they had chosen to take a flight on such a day. The passage leading to the airport terminal was blocked with vehicles waiting for the politicians, leaving very little space for those who had come to either see off or receive friends and relatives.
Many passengers had to be dropped by the taxis on the road near the parking area. The passengers had to walk down to the terminal's departure gate. Even in front of the terminal, people were jostling for space.
16/04/17 The Times Of India