Friday, April 21, 2017

Fire scare leads to panic on SpiceJet flight

Pune: Passengers on Kochi-Pune SpiceJet flight went through anxious moments on Thursday due to a fire scare.
Flight number SG-184, which comes from Kochi to Pune and then proceeds to Delhi, landed much before schedule at the Pune airport. As the passengers were disembarking, the crew made a sudden announcement asking them to immediately get back to their seats and wait.
When the passengers wanted to know why, the crew told them there could be a fire. The SpiceJet passengers who spent anxious moments after the crew pressed the panic button over a fire scare said the flight landed at the Pune airport from Kochi a good 25 minutes earlier than schedule.
Passengers began disembarking when the doors opened. However, panic soon broke out when the crew suddenly told the passengers to hurry up and disembark. "The crew looked a bit worried. A while later, they changed tack and told the passengers to get back to their seats. One of the crew members then said something about a fire. A little later, the disembarking resumed from the front door, and then from both doors," the passenger said. Another passenger said he saw a tinge of smoke coming out of one engine.
21/04/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India