Saturday, April 22, 2017

‘Hope Kalaburagi airport opens by 2018’

Leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha M. Mallikarjun Kharge has said that he is hopeful of the Kalaburagi airport being operational by next March.

During his visit to the proposed Greenfield Airport site, near Srinivas Saradagi village on the outskirts of the city on Friday, he said that works under Phase-II and Phase-III will be taken up simultaneously.

“The Union Cabinet has approved revised project costs of Rs. 28.27 crore for the Phase-II works and another Rs. 15.15 crore for the Phase-III works. Subsequently, tenders have been floated. I hope that we will finish all the works by January 2018 and apply for technical approval. I am hopeful that the airport would be operational by March, 2018,” Mr. Kharge said. An official said that the Phase-I works, taken up at a cost of Rs. 85.46 crore, were ahead of schedule by recording 35% financial progress and 40% physical progress.
22/04/17 The Hindu