Monday, April 17, 2017

Scare on flight as pilot aborts landing just above runway

Passengers on board a Spicejet aircraft from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad had a major scare on Sunday after the pilot aborted landing, seconds before touchdown.
After landing, passengers on flight SG 422 recounted how everything was fine, until the pilot announced the plane's descent to Hyderabad one-and-an-half hour after it took off from the Port city of Vizag at 9.30am.
"The landing gear was out... we had all fastened our seats belts and could see the runway, when suddenly the plane aborted landing and took off again," a passenger recalled.
"My wife clutched my arm as the aircraft swerved and nosed high up into the skies. We were all scared and there was no announcement either, on what happened down there," the passenger, who has worked in the aviation industry for 33 years, said.
After circling the airport for about 10 minutes, the aircraft finally landed, much to the relief of passengers. "Even the second landing was not pleasant as we landed with a thud and the pilot applied brakes immediately after touchdown," recalled another passenger. While passengers heaved a sigh of relief, they were surprised that the crew did not react at all. "There was no announcement by the pilot and the crew behaved as though nothing had happened," said the passenger.
17/04/17 The Times Of India