Saturday, April 22, 2017

Seamless airport operation to cut flight delays, up efficiency

For some months now, the Kolkata airport has been experiencing congestion due to closure of the primary runway for repairs. This has led to increase in flight time from 2 hours on the Delhi-Kolkata sector to at times 2 hours 30 minutes. The additional 30 minutes of circling over the city has meant additional emission from burning of aviation fuel, which has made the sky more polluted than it would otherwise have been.
Now, the sector is getting ready to address the issue through central air traffic flow management (C-AFTM) that will manage flights in such a manner that they are not held up in the air on reaching destinations. This will mean sharing of precise information between various operations at an airport, including air traffic control, airport operator and airlines, and between airports so that a flight gets its landing slot on arrival even before it takes off from the departing airport.
"It makes more sense to keep the aircraft on the ground for 30 additional minutes in Delhi than waste fuel circling for 30 minutes over Kolkata," said Sarvesh Gupta, chairman of the airlines operators' committee at Kolkata airport.
To make that happen, Kolkata airport is putting in place airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM), a system similar to Eurocontrol in Europe, where key stakeholders — Airports Authority of India, ATC, airlines and ground handling agencies — share information and collaborate for better operational efficiency by reducing delays and optimising utilization of resources.
22/04/17 The Times Of India