Thursday, April 20, 2017

Social media up in arms over AAI's decision to transfer Surat airport director

Surat:  Support is building up in the social media against the decision taken by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for the abrupt transfer of airport director, Pramod Kumar Thakre to Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.
The social media, including Twitter and Whatsapp, is abuzz with messages criticizing the AAI authorities for their decision to transfer Pramod Kumar Thakre to Jabalpur overnight and replacing the post with the appointment of Rajkot's airport director.
Hundreds of tweets have been sent to the civil aviation ministry, AAI and PMO against the decision to transfer Thakre from Surat to Jabalpur. Those who are closely connected with the airport movement going on from the last many years, have put up the list of outstanding performance of Thakre at the Surat airport after he assumed office in 2014.
Dhiraj Parmar, in his tweet to the PMO, AAI and union civil aviation minister said, "Sir, please stop the transfer of Pramod Kumar Thakre. He has done outstanding work for the airport in last two-and-a-half-year"
Another resident, Rita Singh tweeted, "What? Why? Thakre is the most efficient airport director and dedicated AAI officer. He has single-handedly done wonders for Surat airport"
Member of We Want Working Airport at Surat (WWWAS), Sanjay Jain said, 'We have taken up the transfer issue with the top bosses in AAI. Thakre has worked hard for the upliftment of Surat airport. Now, it is time to deliver, the AAI has lifted the man who has worked dedicatedly"
19/04/17 Melvyn Regiie Thomas/Times of India