Friday, May 26, 2017

American Airlines’ Passenger, Anil Uskanli, Disrupts Hawaii Flight Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

A man who disrupted a flight taking off from Los Angeles to Honolulu only had a laptop and didn’t have any luggage.  A wheelchair was needed for the man to get into the plane as he was either drunk or on drugs.

Anil Uskanli, who also has the Turkish nationally, didn’t check in or carry any luggage, a criminal filed complaint in federal court said.
Flying on Friday, It was an American Airlines flight. Uskanli, 25, boarded the plane only with laptop, phone as well as laptop charger and several unimportant items in his pockets.

The flight’s staff immediately thought that the Turkish man’s laptop may contain an explosive.

As well as his arrest in Honolulu, Uskanli was also charged with intervening with a flight attendant.

On Monday, the judge decided that Uskanli has to pass a mental evaluation. The Bureau of Prisons will decide where he will go for the examination.

Around midnight, Uskanli purchased his ticket.

At 2.45 a.m., he was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport because he opened a door leading to an airfield ramp. Spokesperson Rob Pedregon said that Uskanli was only looking for food.

Uskanli smelled like alcohol but he was drunk enough to be held for public drunkenness so the police released him. Hence, his ticket was confiscated after taking him a public space in the airport.

Shortly after that, Uskanli got himself another boarding pass and passed by security screening again.

Police is obliged to let an airline know if someone opens a gate to a restricted area.

“If he was a danger, we would not have ever let him go,” he said.

He then entered the restricted area and insisted that he is on drugs or alcohol. Therefore, flight crew brought him a wheelchair to help him board the plane.

American Airlines’ spokesperson said that Uskanli specifically asked for the wheelchair at the ticket counter before going through security and then to the gate for the flight.
25/05/17 Selena Arias/Essentail Retailer