Sunday, May 28, 2017

Chakeri airport closes for two months

With the only flight operating between Kanpur and Delhi being suspended for two months due to re-carpeting of the runway at the Chakeri airport, the business fraternity in Kanpur is a worried lot. Businessmen from the city, who had just started enjoying the ease of commuting between the national capital and Kanpur since last six months, say they are again forced to travel to Lucknow to take a flight to Delhi or travel by train.
For leather exporter Mohammad Shahid, travelling to Delhi for work every week was a given thing. Shahid would take the afternoon flight from Kanpur and return the next day after finishing work. "Catching a flight from Kanpur was very convenient. One didn't have to travel all the way to Lucknow for it. I would take the afternoon flight and finish my work in Delhi and come back the next day by afternoon. But now, I will once again have to go all the way to Lucknow to catch a flight to Delhi and then come back to Lucknow only or else I take a train. This way I will waste at least two days just in travelling which for a businessman like me is a lot," says Shahid, adding, "I wonder why the runway wasn't completed when the airport was made functional in December last year."
A sentiment shared by businessman Nitin Jain who also used to travel quite often to Delhi for work and had planned to fly with his family to Delhi and further for vacations.
28/05/17 Sumit Jha/Times of India