Saturday, May 06, 2017

Chennai: Closure of runways to affect flight schedules

A few flights will be rescheduled as the Chennai airport has announced closure of runways for an hour from 2.30pm till May 14. The runways are being closed for removing rubber deposits.
The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has issued a 'notam' (notice to airmen) indicating the restrication of flights. Indigo Airlines has announced that 10 flights will be affected because of the closure of the runways.
A senior official of AAI said that rubber deposits would be removed from the intersection of the runways. "We will not be able to use main runway and the second runway when the work is in progress for an hour. As a standby runway is not available a 'notam' was issued to reschedule flights. The work is a routine one which is being done on Saturdays and Tuesdays after closing the main runway. We have special machine to remove the deposits. As the truck-like equipment will be working close to the spot where the main runway crosses the second runway, flights cannot be operated from the second runway."
06/05/17 The Times Of India