Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cial to launch mall-like facility for visitors

The Cial will be introducing new visitors' area for arrivals and departures at their latest terminal, which will allow people accompanying passengers flying via the airport to relax indoors.
The visitors will have access to refreshment stores and a full-fledged food court from the air-conditioned facility. The two separate facilities at arrival and departure areas on two floors would be connected via an elevator.
The area will also have a business centre and stores that sells handicrafts, books, fashion and condiments.
"The crowd we are looking for are people who accompany passengers to and from the airport. The visitors' area intends to provide them with a facility where they wait comfortably for the friends and family. They can grab a bite, visit the shops and keep themselves entertained," said Cial officials. He added that passengers departing from the airport might also use the new facility once it is open.
In the design for the visitors' area, they have also proposed an aquarium. "It is only part of the proposal. Once the facility is complete, we will have to evaluate whether it would hinder the airport's expansion plans or not. If it does not, then we will go ahead with it."
10/05/17 Vikram Vinod/The Times Of India