Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flight to Pune delayed after passengers create havoc over non-functioning AC

Pune: Over 100 passengers of a SpiceJet flight, which was headed to Pune from Goa, raised havoc at the Goa airport after they realised that the in-flight air conditioning system was not working. When the airline crew tried to tell the passengers that the cooling systems will start functioning once the plane was airborne, they refused to listen and forced the pilot to ferry the plane back to the parking bay.
Passengers complained that the airline crew kept making promises but refused to make any official announcement. Delayed by the chaos, the flight, scheduled to take off at 2 pm, finally left Goa at 3.20 pm.
Earlier, the aircraft had left its bay and was proceeding towards the runway when the passengers ran out of patience and declared that they would not let the flight take off until the AC systems were working.
The cabin crew informed them that due to some issues at the airbase, they couldn’t recharge the AC system, which would become functional minutes after the flight took off.
“After boarding the flight, several passengers started complaining of suffocation and the air-conditioners not functioning. The cabin crew was contacted by several passengers, who did nothing about the complaints. The pilot then proceeded from the bay to the runway… the flight was about to take off when all the agitated passengers stood up and started protesting. The aircraft was then forced to turn back towards the bay,” said Archana Nikam, a passenger.
According to the passengers, the flight crew behaved “rudely” and told passengers that those who weren’t ready to fly in the prevailing condition should alight on their own, after which the plane, with the rest of the passengers, would head towards Pune.
31/05/17 Indian Express