Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Here's how you can deal with air travel anxiety

The last decade has seen tremendous growth in the aviation sector with more people flying than ever before. With the onset of this revolution, air travel has become the primary mode of transport for the common man for both leisure and business.

But this also makes flying a lot more complicated - with crowded airports and increasing safety and security concerns. The airport can be an intimidating space for first time fliers and even, at times, seasoned travellers.

Here are some tips by Rishabh Beria, Managing Director, Janus Aviation and Co-founder, AirWhizz, to help ease your airport experience and overcome your travel anxiety.

1. Be Well Informed

Having all the relevant information regarding your flight and your origin and destination airports can save precious time. Keep track of flight status, know your airline's policies, and acquaint yourself with your origin and destination airports.

This simple data can help you go through airport procedures smoothly and help avoid any confusion prior to or post your flight.

When you are armed with all the necessary information regarding your flight time, boarding and security procedures it helps ease the nervousness as you know exactly where you need to be and what you need to do.

Also knowing what services are available at the airport can make things like booking a cab or grabbing a quick meal, much easier.

2. Manage Your Time

Always ensure you arrive at the airport well in advance to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. There can be unforeseen delays due to long lines and large crowds during peak hours.

You don't want to be rushed and stressed just before that big business trip or exciting holiday and it can be easily avoided. Having a little extra time in hand ensures that once you have checked-in and proceeded through security check you can relax in the waiting lounge or browse the airport.

People, especially frequent fliers tend to be overconfident about time when taking a flight as they expect to breeze through the airport. Unfortunately, there have been several incidents where someone has missed their flight because they left for the airport too late and were held up because of traffic or long queues at the airport.

Always try and make it there at the airline stipulated reporting time, better to be safe than sorry.
08/05/17 Outlook India