Wednesday, May 24, 2017

India's Jet Airways to phase out ATR fleet

Jet Airways(9W, Mumbai Int'l) is planning to transition its fleet to an all-jet composition following reports it is looking to retire its fleet of Avions de Transport RĂ©gional turboprops.

The Indian carrier currently operates fifteen ATR72-500s and three -600s on scheduled passenger flights connecting India's Tier I cities with smaller Tier II and III towns.

However, sources familiar with the matter told India's Business Standard newspaper that the aircraft are being withdrawn given Jet Airways' decision to focus on its international operational network. The type is also hamstrung by a lack of local pilots. As such, Jet Airways is forced to recruit foreign pilots to man the ATRs leading to higher operating costs.

"ATRs no more suit our strategy. Their maintenance costs are higher, getting pilots for them is difficult, and for the management it was becoming too difficult as the network strategy of operating an ATR is very different from that of a Boeing 737 or Airbus A330," the sources said.
24/05/17 ch-aviation