Friday, May 19, 2017

Lost something at airport? Find it online

Bengaluru: Passengers who lose things at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) can now log onto the airport website to check the lost-and-found section and see items recovered at the airport and claim them. The section went up online last week.
About 30 items, from bags and identity cards to walking sticks and clothing, are left behind by passengers at the airport, said airport authorities. The most commonly forgotten items are wallets and mobile phones.
On Tuesday, 45 lost items were recovered at the airport, including two debit cards, six bags and backpacks, one birth certificate, six identity cards and a flask.
The lost and found section on the website allows users to enter the date when the item was lost. A list of all items recovered on that day is displayed. If the user's lost item is among them, he or she can contact the airport authorities, provide the required documents and claim the item.
19/05/17 Arun Dev/Times of India