Monday, May 29, 2017

Mehsana couple held at airport with fake passports

Ahmedabad: It could have been a well-planned escape on fake passports to Nairobi and from there to Canada via Morocco for Mehsana-based couple Kalabhai Patel (30) and his wife Varsha (25) but for the sharp eyes of the immigration authorities who smelled foul play as the passports were in the name of South Indian natives and the couple had a typical Gujarati look.
According to police officials, there were other discrepancies also. "Kala Patel was named as Subramaniam Madho Oli and his wife Varsha as Bodiyangu Shamba Shivadas Praveena. While Kala was shown a native Maharashtra his wife was shown as hailing from Rajasthan. Kala's passport showed him a resident of Bopal in Ahmedabad while Varsha had an address of Barejdi mentioned in her passport," said a senior police official.
Sardarnagar police officials said the couple were nabbed while boarding an Air Arabia flight on May 27 from Ahmedabad international airport. "We are checking from where they got their fake passports made," added a senior police official.
29/05/17 Times of India