Monday, May 15, 2017

Sindhi community wants Kishangarh airport be named after Jhulelal

AJMER: Now, Sindhi community has demanded to name Kishangarh Airport after their deity Jhulelal. They have also demanded to declare holiday on the occasion of Jhulelal anniversary every year. Moreover, the community also wants a train named after their deity. The Sindhu Sena on Sunday concluded a two-day seminar on Pushkar Road. They have threatened an agitation if their demands are not fulfilled.
The Kishangarh airport is ready and is likely to become operational in a month or two. However, the state government is faced with a dilemma as several organizations and communities are demanding to name the airport according to them.
The Sindhu Sena has also asked to use Sindhi language on Indian currency and include Sindhi language in administrative services.
"There is no airport or train in the country named after Jhulelal. Therefore, we demand that Kishangarh airport should be named after Jhulelal," said Ramesh Lalwani, spokesperson, Sindhu Sena.
He added that their organization will start a campaign to spread awareness on the importance of Sindhi language.
15/05/17 The Times Of India