Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Study confirms airport baggage delays

A common grouse among passengers who fly in to Chennai is the long wait to collect the baggage at the terminal.

Harried passengers often take to social media to vent their anger. “Flight arrived at 8:20, baggage arriving to the belt at 9:40, Chennai airport is the best in handling the baggages,” tweeted Venkat recently on his handle @venkat1INDIA. An exasperated Venkat couldn’t help the sarcasm.

Another passenger through his handle @dinu757 posted: “50 mins to start baggage belt and worst services. No responsibility and immature labour.”

What has been known anecdotally has now been established by a recent study by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) that operates Chennai airport. The study found that it can take up to one hour for a passenger to see his or her bags rolling down on the belt.

The study was initiated after frequent complaints by passengers.

Done over a month, it sought to analyse how long it takes for checked-in bags to travel from the aircraft to the belt in the terminal.
24/05/17 Sunitha Sekar/The Hindu