Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Tarmac is clear, Kempegowda International Airport back to 24x7 flight operations

Bengaluru: With the lifting of the partial closure of the runaway, Kempegowda International Airport is all set to operate flights round the clock from Monday.
The country's third biggest airport by air traffic movement is now ready with more room for flight operations.The runway had been closed from 10.30am to 5pm from February 17 to April 30 for maintenance, leading to a reduction in the number of flights and a major rearrangement of schedules, besides sending airfares soaring.
In more good news, the newly constructed rapid exit taxiways allow aircraft to exit the runway quicker than earlier. According to a spokesperson of the Bangalore International Airport (BIAL), which operates KIA, two additional exit taxiways have been constructed during the runway maintenance work. Exit taxiways allow aircraft to leave the runway at higher speeds, allowing the aircraft to vacate the space quicker, permitting another to land or take off in a shorter interval of time. "On average, 34 aircraft used to get off the runway in one hour using the taxiway; with two exit taxiways now, the number could go up to 45, which would save considerable amount of time," said the spokesperson.
Before the partial closure, about 500 flights used to operate from KIA. The closure had affected 80-140 flights. The reduction in the number of flights, especially on busy routes, had led to an increase in airfares.
01/05/17 Times of India