Friday, May 19, 2017

Tiki-taka, long passes at airport to tackle World Cup parking rush

Kolkata: The new grass pitch at the refurbished Salt Lake stadium is ready for sterling displays of skill by future football stars when it hosts the eight matches in the under-17 Fifa World Cup this October. But there will be some interesting dribbling far away from the stadium.
This off-pitch action will happen at the Kolkata airport, where the authorities will be required to juggle around with the limited parking bays in order to accommodate the sudden influx of aircraft.
While this nifty tiki-taka will come in handy while juggling with the additional planes on the already crowded tarmac, playing the long pass to Andal airport in Durgapur or Bhubaneswar in the neighbouring state seems inevitable.
From early October, the Kolkata airport is expected to get considerably busier, with four teams touching down for the group matches, followed by two teams each prior to the round of 16 on October 17 and the quarterfinal on October 22. But the biggest challenge will be around October 26-27 before the final and third-fourth place playoff on October 28, when teams, fans, celebrities and business magnates are expected to arrive for the D-day.
19/05/17 Times of India