Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Air passengers give thumbs up to biometrics

New Delhi: An iris scan, a facial recognition, hand wave or fingerprint could help air travellers avail a seamless experience as a recent study has determined that more than half of the passengers surveyed would prefer biometrics for identification purposes at airports.

However, nearly a third of the respondents have expressed concerns over privacy of their personal information.

More than 7,000 passengers from 17 countries, including India, were part of the 12th edition of Passenger IT Trends Survey conducted by air transport IT provider SITA and Air Transport World.

In all, 37 per cent of travellers surveyed used automated ID control on their last flight. Of these, 55 per cent said they had used biometrics at departure, 33 per cent for boarding and 12 for international arrivals.

Fifty-seven per cent of the respondents said they would prefer biometrics to a boarding pass or a passport for their next trip.

"Passengers who use biometrics are highly satisfied. In fact, (out of 10) they rated the experience 8.4, well above the ratings for face-to-face transactions at passport check (8) and boarding (8.2), demonstrating passengers' acceptance of this secure technology to deliver a seamless journey," the report says.
27/06/17 PTI